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THE BRIDGE PROJECT was founded by actors.

Professionals who understand the need to pass on their knowledge and years of experience to emerging regional talent. To young people who are standing exactly where they once stood.


That philosophy is at the heart of what we do. We believe that you learn by “doing” and all of our training is rigorous, immersive and intense. We are devoted to offering our students the chance to grow beyond their natural talents to develop skills and techniques to launch professional careers. Carried out under practical conditions within an operating Theatre Company, each student is offered the unique opportunity to work and train alongside professional actors right from their very first year. Our mentors help each actor explore the challenges of working in a professional environment, taking great interest in the individual as well as the work within an ensemble. The Bridge Project enjoys the support of working professionals across the country who offer guidance in many ways, including Guest Masterclasses and Career Q&A’s which allow students to form genuine network connections within the industry. Beginning in 2012, the success of The Bridge Project speaks for itself. We have a proven record of securing places for our graduates into the Universities that deliver the best acting courses in the country and helping to pave the way for exciting careers within the Australian Performing Arts industry.


Paid in 3 Instalments throughout the Year
January $1600 (plus GST) / May $700 (plus GST) / August $700 (plus GST)

Scholarships are available for those experiencing financial hardship.




Entry is by AUDITION ONLY.  

Applicants must be 17 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

Applications for 2021 are now closed.

Audition applications and information on what to prepare are coming soon.
Check back soon for more details.



  • The Bridge Project employs the movement training principles of Jean-Pierre Voos and the KISS ensemble as well as the Vocal Trainings of Cicely Berry. Led by TheatreiNQ’s Leading Professional Actor, Brendan O’Connor, students are introduced to a series of physical and vocal exercises to help them prepare for rehearsal and performance.

  • Over a series of workshops, the Foundation Year Actors are introduced to the principles and expectations of the company, led by Artistic Director Terri Brabon. The first workshop is for the Foundation Year Actors only and the following week, all Bridge Project Members across all year levels come together to begin creating a sense of ensemble. The final stage offers the young actors an opportunity to work alongside the professional actors of the company as well as the Senior members of the Company’s Ensemble.

  • SHOWREELS – Led by Mentor Arminelle Fleming, actors will explore acting to camera as well as character development and text analysis in a series of specialised workshops. The scenes are then filmed by John Robertson of media production company, JRNQ Productions to become part of your Actor’s Toolkit for future use in Showreels.

  • HEADSHOTS – Under the guidance of Terri Brabon and award-winning photographer, Chrissy Maguire, we will guide our actors to create professional headshots for use on casting websites, drama school applications or to send out to prospective agents. Our team will help you find your market, your look and your hook.

  • Foundation Year Actors continue to become engaged with the company through assisting with Front of House duties on our first production of the year. Tasks may include setting up the foyer, greeting patrons on arrival, ushering patrons to seats etc. Front of House staff are the face of the company and form the company’s direct link to our audience. Our audience are very supportive of our training programme and this secondment provides them with an opportunity to meet the new faces of The Bridge Project.

  • Presented by Arminelle Fleming, this workshop offers each actor the basic tools of assisting the Stage Manager in rehearsals. This includes preparing the prompt copy, taking notes on blocking and learning how to effectively prompt an actor. The actors are then given the opportunity throughout this term to use these skills while working in the rehearsal room for a Mainstage Production.

  • The process of understudying is an important learning tool in characterization. By auditing the rehearsals of a professional production, each student will focus on a major role in a chosen scene as specified by the director to “understudy”. Students will receive a one-on-one directorial session with Director Terri Brabon. If they have progressed independently to a sufficient level, they will be offered the opportunity to rehearse their chosen scene with the professional cast on set.

  • The theatre is a world of boundless possibilities for creative energy. We encourage our members to immerse themselves in all aspects of production. It is no less thrilling for us to see someone pick up a paintbrush or a needle and discover a talent and passion for scenic art or costume making. Each Actor is offered a production secondment on each of the company’s main season productions. Each student will gain valuable insight into the different aspects of a putting on a production, choosing an area of interest that may include costume, props and production management.

  • Learn the techniques of performing Shakespeare. Based on the teachings of John Barton’s Playing Shakespeare Series, The Bridge Project actors will be taught the tools to unlock Shakespeare’s language and explore how he wrote secret clues for the actor in his texts. Mentored by Director Terri Brabon.

  • In addition to the Production Secondment and Understudy placement, the Bridge Project actors may also be offered an onstage performance opportunity should the production allow. The casting of such an opportunity will be based on how the actor has developed in their training.   Where possible, Foundation Year actors are given the extraordinary opportunity of participating on-stage in this special event. Students will work alongside professional actors in this full-scale out-door production. Roles will be cast on suitability and their level of development throughout the year.

  • Dealing with Media can be difficult and overwhelming for anyone from the most experienced to the complete novice. Our Company PR Agent, Heidi Hatherall from Crystal Clear PR will offer the students full preparation for interviews and an understanding of the approaches used by journalists. Learn how to get key messages across during media events and the right way to use social media.

  • With the company’s extensive network of professionals, we are happy to host career Q&A’s with many touring actors or local professionals visiting Townsville for our Bridge Project Actors.

    Where possible, the company host exclusive workshops and masterclasses with visiting guest professionals.  These workshops are exclusive to members of the Bridge Project.

    Foundation Year Actors also have free access to all ThiNQ Ed Workshops offered by the Company throughout the year.

  • Each actor is scheduled to volunteer at the Townsville Performing Arts Museum at Jezzine Barracks. The Bridge Project provides volunteers once a month to assist this local organisation. The Foundation Year Actors will be scheduled on with older Bridge Project members who will be able to show them the great history of the performing arts in Townsville and give them a sense of being part of a much broader community.

  • Throughout the year, we attend as many professional productions as possible, often providing the Bridge Project with opportunities to meet the cast and director or engage in workshops with the touring company.


  • By term Four, the relationship with your mentors has deepened and they are uniquely positioned to best advise you of your next step. Once you have determined your upcoming challenge, we will assist you in finding the pathways to achieve it.

    Our experienced team will help you choose and rehearse your pieces for upcoming auditions. By highlighting your strengths and with the knowledge of what a panel looks for, Director Terri Brabon will also work with you in simulated audition settings to help you achieve your best.

  • Each year in The Bridge Project is diverse and evolving.  Opportunites that arise within the sector or within the company vary with each year.  We take every opportunity to pass on all opportunites to our Bridge Project members including guest workshops, external casting opportunites, promotional projects, networking and social engagements.  Students also receive a complimentary Bridge Project T-Shirt and Journal, exclusive to members of the Project.


The best drama schools in the country rarely take on students under 21, and it is extremely rare to be accepted into either NIDA, WAAPA, VCA or schools of that calibre, on your first attempt.

It is important to not be discouraged by this and stay focussed on your goals and to continue your development as an actor.


That’s why we have developed a 2nd year of The Bridge Project called



Entry into 2nd Year SESSIONS is by invitation only. Your training continues to follow the lines of the Foundation Year but the responsibilities and challenges become much larger. You will be encouraged to not only take on a Production Secondment, but also to become capable of leading a team. Your Understudy Secondments expand into more challenging scenes and you begin to take on larger roles within the TheatreiNQ Mainstage Season.


In addition, SESSIONS Actors attend a full day of training each Friday with Terri Brabon and Brendan O’Connor that cover the following:

The Physical Actor

Voice Training for Actors

Actions for Actors

Audition Monologues

Scene Studies

Stage Craft

Expand Your World

Life as an Actor




“Most importantly, Terri and Brendan have taught me what it is to truly conduct yourself as a professional artist in any form or level of theatre; respect for the space you work in, commitment to those you share that space with and an unerring passion for life on the stage."


—  James Raggatt

NIDA 2013-2015



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