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TheatreiNQ is committed to growing a professional theatre industry in North Queensland, providing positive theatre experiences for regional audiences, professional training for emerging talent and generating employment for regional artists.


1. To set a standard of excellence and professionalism

2. To continue to be innovative and to define our company style

3. To produce product that can hold its own nationally and internationally


1. To work towards an inclusive ensemble

2. To attract the best talent of the region

3. To create a harmonious working environment of positivity, possibility and respect

4. To train our artists and encourage the pursuit of excellence and professionalism

5. To offer professional training for talent in the region to pursue a career in the industry

6. To assist in the training of those outside the current ensemble with a view to the future

7. To support and encourage the continued development of local talent who move to city centre's for further study

8. To lead the way in financially rewarding community artists

9. To be a supportive and unifying presence on the local theatrical landscape

10. To continue to encourage our talent to be an integral part of the company through assistance in other areas

11. To invite professional guest performers to perform with the company to lift standards, provide professional experience and professional networks for our local ensemble


1. To increase our audience size

2. To continue developing our youth audience

3. To become an integral part of the local performing arts community and its audience

4. To present local audiences a world-class standard right on their doorstep of which they can be justly proud


1. To create rewarding and on-going sponsorship & philanthropic relationships.

2. To increase our sponsorship and survive without reliance on regular government funding

3. To receive support from government organisations to support regional programming where required

4. To continue to steadily develop our yearly output while remaining sustainable

5. To continue to develop new innovative ways of promoting the company and its work

6. To be a company with principles striving for sustainability without greed or waste

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