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TheatreiNQ (pronounced Theatre Ink) officially launched in 2010 under the leadership of 
Terri Brabon and Brendan O'Connor. 
TheatreiNQ received much community support and in the years since, has grown into an independent professionally-driven theatre collective, comprising of 40 ensemble members, offering a full annual season's programming including our flagship event,

The company's season presents a mix of contemporary drama, revivals of the classics, Australian work and new writing through their FreshiNQ and ThiNQ Originals writing programs.

In addition to the Main Stage season, the company also conducts:
THE BRIDGE PROJECT : a unique professional level training programme for emerging talent.
THINQ ED : in-school workshops and professional development for teachers
OPEN PROGRAMME : Public Classes and regular skills-based workshops.
THINQ CASTING : Actors, Technicians and Writers Agency representatives for our 40-strong ensemble.
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