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Performance Development

We tailor our performance development workshops to suit your needs -

whether that be live on-line, filmed video or in person. 

We are local and we are here to help.

LENGTH: 2 Full Days 9am - 5pm (1 hr lunch, 2 x 20min breaks)
COST: $990 (inc. GST) additional costs for transport and accommodation

SPECS: Maximum 20 participants, suitable for high school students or community groups.



Working with a senior TheatreiNQ Shakespearean actor and trainer, participants will create a short performance with excerpts from Shakespearean plays. Participants will learn the basics of performing Shakespearean text and have the opportunity to showcase their learning with a short performance at the conclusion of the two-day workshop. The workshop will suit all performance levels from beginners through to those with some experience.

Professional Development for Teachers:


A senior TheatreiNQ Shakespearean actor and trainer will guide participants through the basics of Shakespearean performance including speaking rhythm, text analysis and achieving heightened performance. This workshop is particularly helpful for Drama and English teachers, and local directors interested in staging Shakespearean performances.


Learning how to create a performance based on a chosen topic or issue.  Using physical theatre, improvisation and epic theatre conventions, participants will be guided through the creation of a new work. A short performance may be staged at the conclusion of the two-day workshop.


Public Speaking Intensive:

Learn practical techniques for improving speaking delivery and develop methods for overcoming nerves and stage fright.

Offered as a one day course 

9am - 5pm

$660 (inc. GST)

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