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The Benefits Of Working As An Ensemble

Ensemble theatre occurs when, rather than auditioning freelancers on a project-by-project basis, a group of theatre artists work together over many years to create theatre. These artists can include performers, artistic directors, stage management and key administrative staff. The practice is common-place for dance companies and orchestras. Our CORE COMPANY contribute behind the scenes across various fields and oversee the general business of each of our projects throughout the Season.

Theatre companies that make use of the ensemble model make the best use of rehearsal time. Long-term relationships are nurtured which enriches the experience for all concerned. THEATREiNQ utilises the Ensemble methodology to develop and train local talent to
professional levels as well as allowing the company to cultivate its own signature style. Each production includes a unique blend of professional actors, local ensemble members, actors in training with The Bridge Project and invited guest actors from the wider community.

The community also feels the benefit of a richer theatre experience – not only in the opportunity to see better theatre through developing quality of the work, but through a sense of 'ownership' of the ensemble and an evolving relationship. This long-term arrangement also allows for more sustained provision of outreach and education work.

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