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Getting Physical with Shakey Bill

I’m going to level with you, I don’t consider myself very good at physical theatre. I’m not graceful and I’m fairly slow at learning dances and movement pieces. Despite this, Terri continues to cast me in ensemble roles with a heavy emphasis on physical theatre. These ensemble roles are a challenge that I relish wholeheartedly, and boy is it my jam (see what I did there?!). Since returning to TheatreiNQ in 2017, I have been lucky enough to be cast in such ensemble groups as; the Furies (First Born, 2018), the Seraphim (The White Rose and the Red & Blood Will Have Blood, 2021) and most recently the Spirits (The Tempest, 2022). We’re now only weeks away from opening our season of The Tempest in Queens Gardens and we’re eager to introduce our Spirits to you!

Traditionally, the Spirits of The Tempest have been portrayed as fairies of the Island who get up to mischief playing with Caliban and the Nobles under Prospero’s orders. However, Terri has decided to take a slightly different tack with her adaptation giving the Spirits a darker, more sinister purpose. Without giving away any spoilers, you can expect a powerful female coven of chilling young women whose intention is not merely playful tomfoolery, but a simultaneously tempting and menacing threat. Now, through a series of workshops our little band of Spirits have shared strengths and developed skills crucial for ensemble work.

I feel very privileged to be working with my lovely little group of Spirits, who include some new faces as well as some familiar ones! We have Ally, Lily, Hollie and Alyssandra all making their Shakey Bill debut in the park, with Charlotte and Ashleigh returning for their second year in a row. And of course, we can’t forget Emma starring in her 12th Shakespeare Under the Stars! Legend! It really is staggering how diverse the talent is within this little group, with skills in music, physical theatre and mobility on display.

We look forward to seeing you in September for this electrifying adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. If you haven’t already booked your tickets, make sure you get in quickly because this knock out hit is sure to sell out!

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