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"Their team work is superb.  Director, Terri Brabon has a firm grasp of the shifting time frames, the recurring themes, and the need to position actors in such a way as to underscore moments of pathos and passion. To have done this while also taking on the role of Elizabeth Law (the younger) is evidence of extraordinary ability. The last word must go to the virtuoso performance of Brendan O’Connor. . .  I could have watched O’Connor twice over. Come to think of it, that sums up the entire production. You want to see it again – and again. That’s how good it is."


Directed by Terri Brabon
June 6 - 16 (Dancenorth TSV)
Aug 3 - 4 (JUTE Cairns)


Set Design

Brendan O'Connor

Lighting Design

Brendan O'Connor

Costume Design

Kathleen Brabon

Photos by Chrissy Maguire


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