Blood Will Have Blood Web (1).jpg

Adapted & Directed by Terri Brabon
from the works of William Shakespeare

After decades of being at war with itself - England is in a state of decay and the Heavens are not happy.  The Lancasters,  led by Queen Margaret, and the Yorks continue to tear the country apart as power is tossed back and forth between the White Rose and the Red.  The three sons of the Duke of York are left to avenge his murder and seize the throne.  However, the lure of the crown is hard to resist, turning brother against brother.    But the Heavens have a plan to redress the balance; and the clock is ticking . . . . 

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Gregory Street & Paxton Street Entrance

North Ward



Friday September 10 - 6.30pm

Saturday September 11 - 6.30pm

Sunday September 12 - 6.30pm


Tuesday September 14 - 6.30pm 

Wednesday September 15 - 6.30pm

Thursday September  16- 6.30pm

Friday September 17 - 6.30pm

Saturday September 18 - 6.30pm  

Sunday September 19 - 6.30pm 

Tuesday September 21 - 6.30pm

Wednesday September 22 - 6.30pm

Thursday September  23- 6.30pm

Friday September 24 - 6.30pm

Saturday September 25- 6.30pm

Sunday September 26 - 6.30pm



Adult - $40

Concession - $36

Under 18 - $33