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Emily Edwards :Once a Bridgee

Updated: Jul 5

The Early Years:

Emily’s journey began within the musical realm, having grown up in a musical family and she has always been passionate about music. She performed for Townsville’s NQOMT, and Townsville Choral Society, but for her it was always about acting.  Under the guidance of TheatreINQ’s very own Terri and Brendan as part of the OG Sessions Team, Emily laid the foundation for a career that would soon be marked by numerous triumphs.

Emily Edwards in ‘LAST POST’ by Gerry O'Connor

Her Journey into The Big Smoke:

Following her training at TheatreINQ in The Bridge Project, she was accepted into a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Majoring in Acting at NIDA. While she was at NIDA, Emily participated in the web series called Untitled Haunted House Project, which showcased a long-form improvisation that is quite reminiscent of ‘The Office’ meets ‘the Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Emily also stated that even after being in the arts and training for 10+ years now, “nourishing your craft”, “surrounding yourself with people who believe in you” and “practising a balanced/critical view of yourself” are lessons which Terri and Brendan taught her and, in her words, “lessons that sustain me still!”

Career Highlights:

Emily’s career flourished with roles in short films such as Departure Lounge – A Bollywood Affair and guest roles on Home and Away. Yeah, that’s right, I know a Home and Away star! During her training at NIDA, she was in a cabaret performance where she received a compliment from Bruce from ‘Finding Nemo’, or Barry Humphries for those that haven’t watched film. This compliment still lives with her and is now a treasured memory. Emily continues to foster her relationship with TheatreiNQ, returning home to perform with the company in FIRST BORN - an adaptation of the Orestia Trilogy written for her by Terri Brabon (2017) and as part of the company's Shakespeare Wars of the Roses Trilogy - THE WHITE ROSE AND THE RED (2021) Emily’s love and commitment to learning paid off when she became the first woman in Bell Shakespeare’s 34-year history to have ever hold the role of Resident Artist. How cool is that!!

Emily on the set of "Home and Away" with fellow star Lucas Radovich


Life at Bell Shakespeare:

Since joining Bell Shakespeare in 2019, Emily has been involved in the company’s educational initiatives and artistic endeavours. Her responsibilities range from developing new educational content to training teaching artists and delivering Shakespeare workshops/seminars across Australia. If that wasn’t enough, her multifaceted role also includes acting, directing, script development and much more. For her, working at Bell Shakespeare is a labour of love- and as she says, she gets paid to be a Shakespeare nerd! She is currently performing as a swing in Bell Shakespeare's production of KING LEAR alongside fellow Bridgees Brittany Santariga & James Thomasson.

Her ‘Pursuit of Happiness’:

Top tier movie if I must say so myself. Anyway, I digress. Despite her demanding role at Bell Shakespeare, Emily actively seeks opportunities to perform and refine her craft. In the past year alone, she has graced stages at prestigious events such as Shakespeare the Reader at the National Library of Australia, Bell Shakespeare Gala, Archie Rose Botanicals and University of Sydney performances. She also performed at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Opera House, which was one of her favourites as she’s always wanted to perform there, making it quite special to be able to tick it off her bucket list.  

Emily in FIRST BORN with Brendan O'Connor & Terri Brabon (2017)


In the world of performing arts, Emily Edwards stands as a testament to passion and dedication. From her musical roots to the historic role at Bell Shakespeare, her journey would surely inspire artists all around Australia and serves as a reminder that love for one’s craft can lead to extraordinary achievements. As she continues to grace stages with her talent and enthusiasm, I would like to leave you with 3 words that she said to me that will stay with me as I embark on my own actors journey. "Once A Bridgee!"  



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