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Introducing Stacks On Theatre

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

As theatre shows got cancelled, productions became backlogged and jobs for actors became even harder to secure, we found motivation in each other.

Back at the beginning of this whole pandemic in 2020, our wonderful mentors Terri and Brendan reached out and offered to run sessions via zoom with all the bridge project alumni. This gave us structure and goals to focus on throughout the never ending lockdowns for us in the southern states of Australia. Through these sessions we reconnected with a lot of our fellow Bridgees and we were reminded of the wolf pack we have all around Australia from TheatreiNQ. A few of us then started meeting up exchanging plays, beginning scene work and began conversations about starting a company together where we could produce our own work down in Sydney.

Whilst this was going on, Terri had pitched to myself, James and Lachlan that she would like to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Bridge by doing Dennis Kelly’s Orphans with the three of us, with the intention of mentoring and assisting us to also put the show on in Sydney to launch the new company.

And from here, Stacks On was formed!

We’ve had the most incredible time so far working together. Terri has taught us how to create the sound, we’re learning about lighting, constructing a set, all the back end of running a theatre company and planning a season. We’re so grateful for the wealth of knowledge everyone at TheatreiNQ has imparted to us over the last 10 years and that hasn’t stopped - with their support and mentorship continuing when we all went to WAAPA and now after graduating, living in Sydney and embarking on this new journey.

Since leaving Townsville, the three of us have always longed to be part of a company like TheatreiNQ and the truth is, TheatreiNQ is incredibly rare and special. We love the theatre they produce and the purpose you feel when you are part of making it. That’s mostly the reason why we began Stacks On, so we could try and make that for ourselves down in Sydney and so the audiences get to experience some Townsville born theatre.

It’s been so wonderful to have this time together with Terri and Brendan - The last time we all worked together on a show was back in 2013, so it’s been so great to come together and see how we all work after all these years and turns out, we have a pretty special and unique dynamic. Doing our first show here with TheatreiNQ also just kicks us off with massive inspiration on how we want to work and operate. We’ve always kept TheatreiNQ close to our hearts in everything we’ve done, so it feels extremely fitting to start a company together instilling the same values and work ethic we learnt here.

Orphans has been an absolute gift of an experience in so many ways and we cannot wait to share what we have all been working on here at TheatreiNQ, with both Townsville and Sydney audiences. James and Joseph Raggatt are also in Sydney and will be working with Stacks On, with ideas already in the pipeline to create shows later in the year and the future.

I can’t express how grateful we are to be a part of this next stage of TheatreiNQ in their new space. It’s so incredible to see how much they have achieved over the years and I’m so excited for this next stage of the company. Thank you so much to Terri, Brendan, Anne-Marie and everyone at TheatreiNQ for gifting us this show, sharing and including us in this next chapter of TheatreiNQ and for continuing to mentor us and support us in everything we do. We love you oh so very much.

Stacks On xx

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