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All about Peta!

When us session kids were told that each of us would be given a member of the executive committee to interview, I had no idea who I was going to be assigned to. Then Terri assigned me to Peta Crichton. I had heard Peta’s name before and I had met her once and realised I knew nothing about her. I was very excited to get to know Peta as she is one of the members on the committee who is not and never has been an actor. So here is our interview:

Peta is a born and bred Townsvillian, the middle child of three children. She attended Weir State School for primary school, then went to Kirwan State High. While at school, Peta did business principles and realised she loved numbers, maths and accounting. After finishing school, she studied accounting at James Cook University. Around this time, Peta began playing hockey which has became a huge love in her life and she has played ever since. Four years ago, Peta married her other love, her husband who works as a train driver. Peta runs her own successful accounting business which has been operating for over 15 years. Her clients are mainly small businesses and she takes care of their taxation, accounting and book keeping. Peta has never been in a theatre production and did not regularly attend not a regular at theatre in town. Her family are also not involved in the theatre or the arts in general so you're probably wondering how she got involved with TheatreiNQ - well, I'm glad you asked.

The Executive Management Committee - Bernie Lanigan (Vice President), Sally McCutcheon (President), Kellie Esling (Secretary) and Peta Crichton (Treasurer)

Peta and TheatreiNQ

Peta had only heard of TheatreiNQ from our Shakespeare performances in Queens Gardens which she attended a couple of times prior to getting involved. She had no idea who Terri was but "of course I knew Brendan from the RACQ Ad." LOL. Peta got involved with Theatreinq when the previous auditor, Ian Bolton, asked Peta to come into TheatreiNQ to give Anne-Marie a hand with the bookkeeping. And from then Peta was invited to become Treasurer for the company.

If you don’t know what a treasurer does (like me!), they oversee the financial administration of a company. Peta works with Anne-Marie, overlooking all things finance, like our expenses and income, presenting reports to the board and providing them with whatever analysis or overview they need. She also helps Anne-Marie with the annual audit, as well as helping keep us up to date with payroll. Prior to being treasurer for TheatreiNQ, Peta was treasurer for Parks Hockey Club, Townsville Hockey Association, Townsville Business Development Centre and Townsville Basketball. Peta loves using her knowledge of accounting to help small businesses and not-for-profits and sporting clubs. While she rarely attended theatre before, since joining the Executive Committee, Peta has not missed a single show and is a vital and supportive member of our team. We could not be more grateful for everything she does for our company.

Thanks Peta!

x Emma Smith

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