CURRENT POSITION: Founder/Artistic Director TheatreiNQ (2010 - )

TRAINING: Bachelor of Theatre (under Jean-Pierre Voos)



2020  MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING                     TheatreiNQ

THE BLOOD OF KINGS                              TheatreiNQ

2019  OTHELLO                                          TheatreiNQ

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES                     NAFA / TheatreiNQ

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS                         TheatreiNQ

DNA                                                        TheatreiNQ

THE WEIR                                       TheatreiNQ

2018  THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES                       TheatreiNQ

THE COMEDY OF ERRORS                         TheatreiNQ

FIRST BORN                                             TheatreiNQ

ALICE IN WONDERLAND        (Fest2018)              TheatreiNQ

2017  GERT AND BESS                                          TheatreiNQ

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM              TheatreiNQ

ALICE IN WONDERLAND                                    TheatreiNQ

FRANKENSTEIN                                        TheatreiNQ

2016  HAMLET (incl. Japan Tour)                   TheatreiNQ


2015  TWELFTH NIGHT                                TheatreiNQ
         LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES                       TheatreiNQ

         PRIVATE GINGER MICK    (incl. Cairns Tour)              TheatreiNQ

         THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN                       TheatreiNQ

2014  SYLVIA                                                       TheatreiNQ

         ROMEO AND JULIET                                    TheatreiNQ

         THE CRUCIBLE                                            TheatreiNQ

         CINDERELLA                                      Australian Festival of Chamber Music

2013  THE SHAPE OF THINGS                               TheatreiNQ

         MACBETH                                         TheatreiNQ

         NOYE’S FLUDDE                                         Australian Festival of Chamber Music

         THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST                  TheatreiNQ

         LAST POST                                        TheatreiNQ

2012  KING LEAR                                        TheatreiNQ

         WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING                 TheatreiNQ

2011  THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR                 TheatreiNQ

         COSI                                                 TheatreiNQ

2010  RICHARD III                                       TheatreiNQ

2009  HENRY V                                           Tropic Sun Theatre

2008  LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST                               Tropic Sun Theatre

2003  AS YOU LIKE IT                                            Tropic Sun Theatre

         TWELFTH NIGHT                               Harvest Rain Theatre

2002     THE TAMING OF THE SHREW                    Tropic Sun Theatre (with Jean-Pierre Voos)
THE RANDOMANIA SHOW                        Harvest Rain Theatre




2020  THE BLOOD OF KINGS                        Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard II, Henry IV 1 & 2 & Henry V

2019  THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS                  Promenade Children’s Theatre Adaptation incl. music & lyrics

2018  FIRST BORN                             Adaptation of Oresteia Trilogy

2017  FRANKENSTEIN                                 Immersive Adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Novel

         ALICE IN WONDERLAND                    Promenade Children’s Theatre Adaptation



2020  MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING            Beatrice                TheatreiNQ

2019  OTHELLO                                 Emilia                   TheatreiNQ

THE WEIR                             Valerie                           TheatreiNQ

2018  THE COMEDY OF ERRORS                  Adriana                          TheatreiNQ

FIRST BORN                                    Clytemnestra                  TheatreiNQ

2017  A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM       Titania                           TheatreiNQ

2016  HAMLET (incl Japan Tour)                  Gertrude               TheatreiNQ

         ONE MAN TWO GUVNORS                 Dolly                     TheatreiNQ / Michael Futcher

2015  LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES              Mertuil                          TheatreiNQ

         THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN              Mammy                TheatreiNQ

2014  SYLVIA                                              Kate                     TheatreiNQ

         ROMEO AND JULIET                          The Nurse             TheatreiNQ

         THE CRUCIBLE                                   Elizabeth Proctor   TheatreiNQ

2013  MACBETH                                Lady Macbeth                TheatreiNQ

         LAST POST                               Soldier’s Wife                 TheatreiNQ

2012  KING LEAR                               Goneril                           TheatreiNQ

         WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING        Young Elizabeth              TheatreiNQ

         ALICE IN WONDERLAND                    Queen of Hearts    Aus Shakespeare Co./Kevin Hopkins

2011  THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR       Mistress Page                 TheatreiNQ

         MACBETH                                Lady Macbeth                Aus. Shakespeare Co. /Glenn Elston

2010  RICHARD III                              Margaret              TheatreiNQ

         COMEDY OF ERRORS                         Adriana                          Aus. Shakespeare Co. /Glenn Elston

         A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM       Helena                           Aus. Shakespeare Co. /Glenn Elston

2009  THE TAMING OF THE SHREW             Grumio                          Aus. Shakespeare Co. /Greg Carroll

         THE SHOW MUST GO ON                   Ensemble             La Mama / Michael Bishop

         HENRY V                                  Chorus                           Tropic Line Theatre

2008  RICHARD III                              Elizabeth              Aus. Shakespeare Co. /Glenn Elston

         LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST                     Princess                Tropic Line Theatre

2007  ROMEO AND JULIET                          The Nurse             Aus. Shakespeare Co. /   Glenn Elston

         MELBURNALIA                                  Ensemble             White Whale Theatre / David Mence

2006  SUMMARIS                              Cicada                           JUTE /         Suellen Maunder

         A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM       Titania                           Aus. Shakespeare Co. / Glenn Elston

2005  TWELFTH NIGHT                      Maria                   Aus. Shakespeare Co. / Glenn Elston

         MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING            Verges                           Aus. Shakespeare Co. / Glenn Elston

2004  CABARET                                 Sally Bowles          NQOMT / Bill Munro

2003  TWELFTH NIGHT                      Olivia                    Essential Theatre Co. / David Myles

2002  JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR                  Mary Magdelene  Harvest Rain Theatre /Tim O’Connor




2015  NEIGHBOURHOOD WARS                            (SF)                      MadDan Productions
         Winner – Capricorn Short Film Festival

2013  CARLTON DRAUGHT                                    (TVC)                   

2011  JOHN DOE                                        (FF)

2010  UNDERBELLY                                              (TV Guest Role)     Channel Nine

2009  NEIGHBOURS                                             (TV Guest Role)     Freemantle Media

PHILADELPHIA                                         (TVC)                            

2007  McDONALDS                                              (TVC)

2006  THE CYPRIOT                                              (SF)                               




2012-20      THE BRIDGE PROJECT                        Founder/Mentor   TheatreiNQ

2016-19      THE CULTURE CREW                          Founder/Mentor   TheatreiNQ

2012-18      THE CULTURE CLUB                           Founder / Coach   TheatreiNQ

2012-14/2018       MULKADEE YOUTH ARTS FESTIVAL     Drama Specialist   Catholic Education

2012           PHYSICAL ENSEMBLE WORKSHOP      Devised / Director TheatreiNQ

2011           AUDITION PREPARATION         Director                Aus. Shakespeare Co.    

                   SHAKESPEARE BOOTCAMP                Devised / Director Shakespeare Under the Stars

                   ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE                        Devised / Director Tsville Cathedral College

                   GENERATION WHEREFORE?               Devised / Director Tsville Cathedral College

                   RICHARD III Workshop                       Performer             Aus. Shakespeare Co.

                   MUCH ADO IN A WEEK                      Director                Aus. Shakespeare Co.

                   MOSH PIT 1.0                                    Director                Aus. Shakespeare Co.    

2009           BRAVEHEARTS – The Dream              Choreographer               Aus. Shakespeare Co.

2005           SHAKESPEARE T.I.E.                           Performer             Complete Works Theatre Co.





  • Choreographer

  • Sound Design

  • Costume Design

  • AV Design

  • Workshop Creator

  • Lighting & Sound Operator

  • Stage Management



  • TCC Arts & Cultural Advisory Committee (ACAC)

  • Professional Arts North Queensland (PANQ)


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