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Header : Measure for Measure (2023)
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Vienna has grown out of control, over-run with debauched brothels, illegal alcohol and organised crime.
Failing at his job, the Duke authorises his no-nonsense and strait-laced deputy, Angelo,

to clean up the city while he hides out disguised as a Friar.
But when Angelo finds himself lusting after a young novice nun, his own morality is put into question in ways, he never thought possible.


MEASURE FOR MEASURE is Shakespeare's brilliant black comedy that invites us to question

the corrupting nature of absolute power and the value of mercy.

Shakespeare Under the Stars brings together another stellar cast of Townsville's finest actors

including Brendan O'Connor (Angelo), Emma Lamberton (Isabella), Lachlan Stevenson and recent NIDA Graduate Harlee Timms (The Duke).  Join 


Measure for Measure tells the story of Angelo, a minister who is abruptly appointed to rule over a chaotic and debauched city and restores order with repressive laws and an iron fist over licentiousness. The object of his own twisted desire is a young nun, whom he puts in an unthinkable position. "To whom should I complain?" is all that young Isabella can utter when she finds herself the target of his abuse of power. Justice can never come soon enough.

WHITE ROSE (2021): Perf. Details


Queens Gardens

Upper Gregory Street Entrance
North Ward



Tuesday September 12 - 6.30pm

Wednesday September 13 - 6.30pm

Thursday September 14 - 6.30pm
Friday September 15 - 6.30pm

Saturday September 16 -  6.30pm
Sunday September 17 - 6.30pm

Tuesday September 19 - 6.30pm

Wednesday September 20 - 6.30pm

Thursday September 21 - 6.30pm
Friday September 22 - 6.30pm

Saturday September 23 -  6.30pm
Sunday September 24 - 6.30pm


Approx. running time 3hrs with an interval.


Adult - $40

Concession - $36

Under 18 - $32

Ens: M4M
White Rose: ?
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